All This in The Name of Jesus

Opening Late May 2013

‘All this in the name of Jesus’
Maedhbh Mc Mahon
‘All this in the name of Jesus’, is the beginning of a year long excavation/exploration of the now firmly established global fact of the reign of terror that was perpetrated by the Catholic clergy and religious congregation on the most vulnerable in society.
Institutions such as the Magdalene laundry system, the Industrial school system, the reformatory school system, the Mother and baby home system and the Bethany home system.
These institutions of incarceration and detention were used to contain people, to lock them away and lock them up and exploit them for profit and for the upkeep of the many religious orders that ran them. This was all done in the name of charity and sanctuary and care. However, these regimes of absolute power find similarities both in Pinochet’s Chile, and in Peron’s Argentina in the manner in which they disregarded the rights of individuals.
Tens of thousands of Irish citizens were detained in gulags throughout the Republic of Ireland by religious congregations with the co-operation of the Irish State. One such gulag system was the Magdalene laundry system, populated by women and young girls who were stripped of all identity and placed into a perpetual servitude of hard labour through the washing of society’s clothes. Many of those whose freedom was snatched away never saw the outside world again and their remains lie behind the many institutions that dominate the landscape of towns, villages and cities. Some of these remains lie without name, identity or cause of death.
In many incidences the children of these women and girls, were taken and sold abroad to Catholic families under the guise of legal adoption. Many of these ‘stolen and trafficked children’ are today seeking their true authentic identities in the face of denial and indifference. The perpetual trauma cultivated and practiced by the institution of the Catholic Church and some of its agents and servants was, by and large, covered up by the vast majority of all its agents and servants and practitioners. The silence continues to keep alive the violence of such regimes of terror and the traumatized and the terrorized are now in the process of seeking answers, transparency and justice for the grave wrongs that were committed against them for profit in order that they may find a passage towards closure.
This work is intended to give the public a fragment of essence of the institutionalism and dreadful perpetual regimes of hard labour and slavery endured by generations of women, girls and their infants.
Farcry Productions at Dialogue Culture Space, 43A Vyner St, London