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    September 7, 2012

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Tomorrow, Saturday September 8th we have two renowned Irish writers and thinkers coming to discuss their work and related topics. This talk begins at 3pm and finishes around 4.30pm.

Philip  Casey will read a short passage from his novel The Water Star, which is set in East and North London in the 1950s, as a preface to  musing about his early childhood years in London before his family moved to Wexford in Ireland.So he was born in London but feels (and probably acts) 100% Irish. Why is that, especially as he also feels a citizen of the world? Is it a sense of place? Is it what in Irish is called Dindshenchas, or Dinnseanachais,  from dind “notable place”, and  senchas “old tales, ancient history, tradition”. Is that notion obsolete  or in the contemporary global consciousness is it vital to know the story of the ground we walk on every day?


Ronan Sheehan is a writer and lawyer who specialises in copyright law.  Copyright law is conventionally dated to The Statute Of Queen Anne in 1709. The law of Saint Colmcille comes the Brehon tradition of law – Irish law as opposed to common law- and may derive from the the sixth century dispute between himself and Saint Finnian over the entitlement to copy the psalms.Ronan will consider this tradition.

See link attached on issues of intellectual property