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    September 9, 2012

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Opening on Thursday 13th September for the final week of Marathon Irish, Jennifer Kidd’s installation ‘Noose’ will be on show from 11am-5.30pm daily until the close of the exhibition Marathon Irish.

‘Noose’ is a stop motion video installation, which is a narrative and nightmarish
device that examines notions of loss of identity, ill-being and perdition. At first
glance, the film appears innocuous: two little girls wearing green dresses arrive,
sit down and start to knit what seems to be a scarf.Kidd continues her preoccupation more generally focusing on the individual who
erases little by little inside the collective, where the subject becomes an ‘I’ broken
and lost trying to express his real identity among the mass. In fact, these girls are
not twins, they are their own negative image, an avatar, a double – or a clone –
questioning their identities. Between simplicity and strangeness, Kidd inspires a
form of dispersion and social perdition, witness of our nowadays, inside a surreal
and tortured universe with distance and freedom.