Marathon Irish

Marathon Irish is a cultural event involving over 20 contemporary artists. This project is intended as a new beginning, an opportunity to strengthen relations between the people of the island of Ireland and the British Isles. Emerging from a traumatic past these exhibits demonstrate how the confident expression of a sense of self and place can speak from one culture to another, even to one which not so long ago seemed conflicting.

Marathon Irish is not a visiting show; it grows rather from the lived experience of being Irish in England – mindful of the “homeplace”, but centred in the here-and-now of London life with all aspects of the journey from one place to the other being reflected in its varied created things of beauty. The energy of this latest Farcry Productions has been generated by the work of over 20 contemporary artists working in media ranging from visual art, poetry, performance and talks which we hope will engage an equally varied public audience at Dialogue Culture space, at Vyner Street.

Far Cry Productions

Farcry Productions makes theatre, visual art, film and public conversation around many of the issues of the day. Since 2004 Farcry, with Gerard Mannix Flynn as artistic director, has dealt with the subjects of disarmament on the island of Ireland through the peace process as well as global clerical sexual abuse of children. We have presented work in mainland China, Taiwan, America, Ireland and the UK.

In keeping with an aspiration to facilitate the emergence of minority cultural identities on the global stage, our new project, Marathon Irish has been launched at our venue at Dialogue, Vyner St, London. For the next three months Dialogue will be operating as a space where those within the Irish arts community resident in London and the British Isles as well as some from “home” can give expression to their diverse versions of identity .